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What is NoOozzle®


FOCUS INDUSTRIE, acknowledged leader in the sprinkling field as a means of protection has developed NoOozzle®, the first real time 3D simulator aimed at fire experts like you, have designed it to boost your business. 

We all know that “full scale” deluge sprinkler tests are expensive and cumbersome to carry out because they require significant human resources and equipment. They are always carried out once the installation process is completed, when it’s possible. 

You’ll save time on research with NoOozzle®.
You’ll also save money on installation costs with NoOozzle®.

NoOozzle® is an innovative software that will enable you to design a deluge sprinkler system based on your own context (vertical, horizontal cylinder, spherical, parallelepiped, floor, wall, ceiling, outdoors, indoors) and to see it work virtually.

NoOozzle® will enable you to optimise the quantity of sprinklers and their respective positions, while complying with standard criteria; you’ll also discover a new way of designing fire protection due to the fact that the sprinkler envelope on each nozzle has been characterised digitally (Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics) and will thus enable you to discover how it works whatever its position in space, and depending on the parameters chosen.

Designed on a scientific and user-friendly basis software, you’ll be able to configure your settings such as your objective, choose the sprinkler(s) that are best suited your context from among our open-head sprinkler range, adjust the pressure sprinklers, the density  and overlap ratio, and finally launch the real time 3D simulation.

You therefore be able to view your installation working virtually before even building it, and you could use it as a marketing tool, by showcasing the solution to your customers, with real peace of mind,

The actions on the flow and/or pressure cursers will show you the impact on your installation in real time.

You will be able to view the effect of a dominant wind on your installation.

NoOozzle®, you dreamed it, we did it.